Even the Life needs Blessings of “Death’’

According to Hindu mythology, the date of death is written at the time of birth of a human being. Life followed by death is universally accepted unapologetic truth across continents, colours, breeds & more importantly religions without debate or demure. If humanity would have been homogeneous in accepting everything about the existence of this universe as it has accepted the fact of life & death, there would not have been any disputes, wars, armies, hate or enmities.


God has created a wonderful human being who does everything from real truth to classified truth in this world to prosper & grow as if the person is here to live to infinity. But….


In the process of life, we use our body, mind & energy as if the same is gifted as a mechanical object for use without any wear & tear till we reach to a point of break down. At this stage of break down, do we realise that our body & life in it is much more sensitive & delicate and could be on its way out of the reckoning.


First 30 years of life get checked out in education, career settlement & marriage, this is the period when everyone in that age bracket is inconsiderate to priority for health & life. It’s assumed that this period is crucial to set the tone for a comfortable life that each of us aspire. Little do we realise that we have hardly equivalent of that period left to run the turf war of making wealth, earn the luxuries of life and a create a wonderful family. But the irony is that this so called 2nd half gets majorly consumed in the race of chasing livelihood, accumulation & expansion as the case may be. A strange reality of life starts creeping into your system the moment you start running into fifties. This realization decelerates the speed & aggression of a person. You start staring penultimate innings of 60’s & beyond. This is period when people loose the lust of accumulation & realise the difference between necessity & otherwise.


During the life span the next phase of existence (after death) of soul if not the body doesn’t figure in the list of priorities. We all appreciate however that the life of a human being is always on the cliff, failure of any part of the body or any mishap can be a terminal point of life. That’s a reality which must softly be placed in mind to at least prepare for a healthy & safe life. When we talk of healthy life style we don’t mean we can avoid inevitable but we can receive the inevitable without pain.


In my limited understanding, I believe a natural death at an acceptable mature age should be considered a blessing. However, deaths by way of unnatural causes isn’t a sign of blessing, it not only cuts short a beautiful life but leaves many in pain & despair. Appreciating this monumental fact will make us more careful & mindful of avoiding accidents, miserable treatment to health & things which are a consequence of our avoidable actions.


There are various other causes of death which are beyond the control of human beings like the deaths caused by ongoing pandemic & other diseases terminal or serious catch many people either as an outcome of their own substandard life style or through a genetic disorder or mildly a stroke of bad luck.


If we map the life of a person, we will appreciate how critical & important health is beyond 50’s. Even if one would have lived a luxurious life but unfortunately gets into a trap of unwanted health issues, the past memory of life spent looks a different era & the person would find it difficult to relate that comfort to ongoing pain. We have seen many wealthy & famous people getting trapped by serious illness & their stories of pain during that period wishing to have spent a long, painless life even if their past would have been simpler or even if they had less wealth & fame. So, a real appreciation of good health, peaceful state of mind is worth unmatched with wealth & fame , it leads us to think that we only live albeit with a superior life style but don’t make meaningful investment in our health & process of life to minimize the trauma of diseases or accidents. 


Death is another face of life but nobody is prepared to embrace it, it can knock at anyone at any time but it’s always unwelcome, it’s like a night after the day ends but nobody is ready to rest in this darkness though this darkness is the ultimate reality of light. There may be a controllable part but there’s a uncontrollable part dictated by our destiny, fate, karmas which lead us to the journey of life unknown to us but known to natural & supernatural powers, it is these powers of life which Bless us, these blessings are captured by end of a person hence life needs the Blessings of death .we all should pray to the powers of death to usher us to next life peacefully and bless us to lead a life without health hazards which assume the role of introducing a human life to shadows of death. If we need a real blessing to have a beautiful life, we need BLESSINGS OF DEATH more than anything else.


Ajay Bhat

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