Life was normal until a few weeks back, the world, as usual, was moving with a frenetic pace doing what is driving the survival of humanity. Curiously no one has time in this world to think how others live, everyone is lost in his or her priorities. We could have never imagined that we are in for times where the whole world order is going to change and a change incomprehensible in any words.


COVID-19 is just the flu, with a difference which has rattled medical science, combined leadership of the world, the scientific community and last but not the least almost entire human race. It may not trap everyone in the jaws of death yet it has become scarier than death. It has exposed the weaknesses and frailness in the modern medical science against unexpected odds to save human lives. They can take the heart out, repair it and put it back to make a human body run again like a machine but they have proved helpless to take simpler viruses out. On the hindsight, it has unified the human race irrespective of class, colour, race, or material wealth into one thought of protecting individual lives and families. At least it has levelled current humanity into a singular objective, maybe temporarily.


It is a time of reckoning, never seen or experienced in the past, a time of nerves, courage and patience which tests the limits of tells us change time can wreck anything beyond our tells us that time can teach us any lessons not written in any script. Any person with a fundamental understanding of this universe will stand for power time holds in its reminds us how peace, stability, health and life is far more important than the pursuit of fake ambitions overwhelming human needs of life. When humans are encountering survival, the very survival becomes precious regardless of any wealth, treasure or fame. The world is shaken by the upheaval of the disease beyond the cure and understanding of the medical world. It has made the world look like a place of illiterates not able to cure the disease or save lives regardless of the advancements of medical science. Unthinkable before few months, that we may encounter something which may shake or challenge the modern medical science.


Someone has said and is proving correct that where science ends, spirituality starts. The times are testimony to this theory. Lord Krishna while bestowing the knowledge of this universe, Body and Soul to Arjun in the battlefield of Mahabharat has said, whenever the world is infested by an excess of crime, inequality and deeds intolerant to nature, Lord will come in some form to get the Mother Earth free from such evils. The current crises is nothing short of nature’s fury to the humanity for the excesses accumulated by the collective misadventures in the universe.


It is clear that we invent our problems. If we look deep inside us, we will realise that all problems we encounter is a consequence of our own invention. One is never tried under law unless thy breaks the law is the simple principle we must remember. Therefore if we lose sleep and peace we must point the finger to ourselves rather than attributing to luck or circumstances. Let’s look at how we are treating the Mother Earth, seriously jeopardising the environment resulting in global warming, floods, earthquakes, fire destroying ecological balance.


Political leaders across the globe exploiting every rule in the book to cling to power. communal and racist regimes challenging the co-existence. Competition among the nations to cut into progress and prosperity of each other for their self-survival and growth. Arms race, trade wars, global terrorism all brainchild of wicked nations and their leaders for their self-glorification or ultimate destruction. The world has become a place of hatred, selfish opinions centric to self-perpetuating thoughts.


The entire humanity is paying the price of the current crises in one or other form. Some get sick, some end up losing their lives, some will end up with prohibitive losses, and some will end up losing the trajectory of life. Life may resume its journey but it will certainly have a profound impact with a majority of people with the way they will live their lives hereafter.


According to Hindu mythology, the life of human being is governed by destiny and individuals karmas implying the two corridors guiding the process of life. With what we call a good destiny coupled with positive deeds, it is believed that the life cycle progresses with optimum success and without much obstacles and vice versa. So what’s in our control are good karmas and leave the consequence of destiny to God. Therefore to be a good human being, it is believed that one should stay closer to God which is why we are told to visit sacred places and attend religious rituals. We don’t know whether God gives us the remedy but it blesses us with the strength and faith to handle the tough passages of life. The brief definition of being religious is the time we spent by dedicating to god. However, what we are experiencing is the dwindling faith of successive generations. Our grandparents were seen more religious than our parents and we are seen less religious than our parents. and the liberal tendencies in younger generations are changing the way the world is living or is expected to live. It is all drifting the world more towards materialistic considerations. When materialistic considerations become overwhelming, the value and meaning of life starts to dilute.


Another change engulfing the universe is the tendency of being independent. Financial Independence is good, but social independence is breaking the countries, societies, families and last but not the least close family values where children tend to be independent of their parents, even spouses want to be independent of each other. This deterioration in values is changing the world making peace elusive which is now a desperate search around.


All of the above is quite a debate, and the bottom line is evolving world order is in conflict with nature. Anything in conflict with nature does not survive or flourish like criminals and murderers don’t flourish because they do something which is in sharp contrast with the fundamental principles of nature.


We should therefore see this phase a purification process dictated by nature. This is the will of God and we must bow before the powers that be. Clear sky, fresh air and chirping of birds manifest the cleanliness of nature.People have become fearful about their survival, fear is good as long as it commits to keep our heads under balance. Nature’s fury always reminds a human being of being human. We need to introspect about reasons of our existence, respect all living and non- living entities and constantly remind ourselves we are here for a defined life span, hence contribute to the well-being of society, care for poor and needy, follow the true essence of a human being. There is nothing wrong in making money and aspiring for big progress within the legitimate and rationality of life.


Above all, we must bow before the God almighty and dedicate ourselves to his discretion and will and pray for peace and protection of everyone. There’s no power parallel to power of healing Almighty may usher to this universe. Time will change, this phase will become history, we will again assume control of life with more irrepressible enthusiasm albeit with inspiring lessons to make this world a beautiful place to live and enjoy.



Ajay Bhat

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