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Off Manifestos & ….. Mandates

A ritual of issuing manifestos precedes democratic process in India to elect State & Central Governments. Manifestos otherwise are important piece of declaration about the agenda of political parties they propose to fulfill if voted to power. That we all know, but the promises made mainly by mainstream political parties have become longer in content …read more

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Beyond Demonetisation, GST & IBC

Demonetisation was an innovative decision but it was least needed to serve the objective underlying its implementation. However it is well realised that it was an economic decision taken with political objectives. History is witness to negative fallout of economic decisions taken to serve political motives. In my opinion the timing of demonetisation was chosen …read more

What Ails India Indians ajay bhat monnet

What Ails India & Indians

India started liberalizing economy after 1991, in a meaningful way, the results of the reforms were evident by turn of the century when India joined global nations in the economic boom from 2003 onwards. India witnessed a phenomenal growth for the next few years till the globe was hit by unprecedented financial crises but India …read more